28 September 2009

Sunday Cooking Fest

Friends, I went on a food binger yesterday. I cooked up a storm!

I wanted to make my parents an anniversary cake. I decided it would be fitting to used the pans my mom gave me to add an 'awww' factor. Without sounding full of myself, I know how to bake a cake so this wasn't a huge task. I opted to make my raspberry cake. It's a double layer vanilla cake, with a raspberry cream cheese frosting. Things were off to a fantastic start. I made the frosting, made the batter and put the cakes in the oven. About thirty minutes later, I took them out. They wouldn't budge from the pans. No amount of jiggling, hitting, or prying would get them out of the pans. It was like I didn't use spray at all. I still can't figure it why this happen. I sort of blame my mom's pans. The cakes turned into garbage cake. I called my mom and explained that, in a loving gesture, I made her a garbage cake but could still bring her a bowl of frosting if she wanted it. Surprisingly, she took the offer and even went so far as to say she'd bake a cake this morning and use my frosting on it. Oh, mom. Essentially, she is making her own anniversary cake. I'm conflicted.

After the cake debacle, I was hungry. I made enchiladas. They turned out awesome, but I had two tortillas left. I invented dessert enchiladas. Take a tortilla, fry it for a few seconds, cover it in cinnamon and sugar ( I used sugar in the raw and white sugar) then put a little ice cream inside. I opted for Chunky Monkey. Sweet Betty Crocker, it was good!
The guilt from the garbage cakes still hung heavy on my bruised baking ego. I had a package of the Nestle Toll House cookies, the kind you break apart and just stick in the over. I made those too.

Maybe I got carried away. Maybe I'm nuts in the kitchen. In the end it was fun, and whatever raccoon  who decides to raid my garbage can is in for a tasty cake treat.

P.S. I know that pictures of everything I cooked would help, but my camera is temporarily out of commission. I left the charger somewhere in New York. I'm in the process of ordering another. Boo.

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