01 September 2009

Wednesday Playlist: Red Carpet Music

There are more than a handful of celebrities who, at one point or another, cross over into music. Some of them make decent music, while others should stick to their day job. In this week's exploration of celebrity based bands, we've got both Schwartzman brothers, Jared Letto, Juliette Lewis and of course Zooey Deschancel. I've chosen some of the more popular celebrity bands, but don't think that's it. If you want to explore this further do you know about Keanu Reeves band Dogstar? Bruce Willis and The Accelerators? Steven Segal and Thunderbox? Gary Sinise and the Lt. Dan Band? What about the Bacon Brothers? I'm pretty sure Jada Pinkett Smith was in some sort of metal band for a while too. If you do a little digging there are dozens of bands. Listener beware, not all of these are all gold. There is a reason you haven't heard of some of them.

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