06 October 2009

Paper Anniversary

Now that it's October, I've officially been in my apartment for one year. In fact, if we check out the blog from one year ago today, I was busy painting and moving in. In my first year, I've blown numerous fuses, set the smoke alarm off several times, had an invasion of ants, nearly grappled with a raccoon, and cleaned the house with poison. Never a dull moment.

The traditional first year anniversary gift is paper. I could have done some sort of paper roundup. Too expected, too easy. In honor of paper, let's talk everyone's favorite paper company, Dunder Mifflin, and the upcoming Office wedding. Thursday is the big night, but I won't be home to watch it! Sherry & I are going to see the Decemberists (It's okay, that's why hulu was invented). I'm not a tv junkie, but I love The Office and I love Jim & Pam. I cannot wait. Check them out on the cover of Entertainment Weekly.

Adorable, and John Krasinski is just dreamy in a tux. For more fun, watch this promo at People.com, and check out the official Office Site. So happy anniversary to me. Yes, I will go on the record as saying John Krasinski pictures are a much better present than talking paper. You agree? Why thank you, here's one more for the road.

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