23 October 2009

Good Day Links

Today is a good day. How do I know this? Last night, I was driving home and the music was turned really low. I couldn't tell what song was on, so I turned it up. It was Priscilla Ahn, and she was singing 'Good Day.' "I can tell today is gonna be a good day." I looked at the clock and it was 12:00 am exactly. So that song started my day, and that's pretty great. Today continues to go well. I'm going to see Ludo and Ha Ha Tonka tonight, and Natalie is spending the weekend with me. These are all good things. So since I'm having such a good day, I thought I'd share the love in the form of Internet links. It's not cash or cookies, but it's the best  I can do.

Greta from The Hush Sound has a solo song
Weather proof your hair
Him & Her pillows
Kiddieland rides are up for auction
Art In My Coffee
Good to know
Awesome duffel bag
Letters bookshelf
Shoe butter dish
Food Art

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