05 October 2009

Weekend Recaps and News

Happy Monday. I hope we all had good weekends. I did a lot of walking, had dinner with the family and went to the movies with the girls. We saw Bright Star. If you're into penniless English poets from the Romantic movement who fall into impossible relationships and have fragile health then this movie is for you. It just so happens that all those things are right up my alley, so I enjoyed myself.

Epic literary comeback alert! Winnie the Pooh has a new adventure. Return to the Hundred Acre Woods was just released and features a new character, Lottie the Otter. I say this is epic because this is the first new Pooh book in roughly 90 years. Yes, Disney has taken the Pooh franchise in different directions, but this book is the first authorized literary sequel to the books A. A. Milne published in the '20s. When I was young, I loved Winnie the Pooh. I hope this gets a new generation interested in Christoper Robin and company.

In other news, my new business cards arrived! I really like how they turned out. For printing, I used Moo, the same company I used for my Watch It cards. For small batch orders and paper stock, I don't think they can be beat. Since I still haven't ordered my new camera charger, I had to use my computer to show you what they look like:


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