12 November 2009

Egg Fail

I don't know if you've seen Julie & Julia, but there is a scene in the movie where Julie tries to poach an egg. Her first few attempts were a complete failure. I didn't understand how it could be so hard. Since I saw the movie, I've wanted to try it. I prepped by watching a few tutorials on You Tube (There is nothing the Internet cannot teach me). The tutorials made it seem easy enough. I should be able to handle this without a problem. I had problems.

Poached egg and toast for breakfast? Piece of cake. Things started off fine. I heated my water to a simmer and I cracked my egg into a dish.

Next, I added a bit of vinegar to the water. One of the tutorials said this would help the egg to congeal.  I started to swirl the water so when I dropped the egg in, the force of the water would keep it in one piece. Still doing really good.

I gently dropped the egg in. The water swirled around, and I could see my little egg in the center right where it was supposed to me. About a minute later, something happened.

Sweet Julia Childs, this does not look right. The yolk broke and the whites separated. I had egg drop soup. I don't think my water wasn't hot enough. I'll try again another day. I am going master the poached egg if I have to buy several practice cartons. As far as breakfast went, I ended up frying an egg. I know how to do that.

Egg: 1, Amanda: 0

1 comment:

mushroom said...

That looks like a skin disease!


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