16 November 2009

I'd Rather Be...

Mondays are rough. I have to come off a weekend of fun and friends and go to work again. The transition isn't always smooth, and I have to psych myself up. Sometimes I daydream about places I've been to and remember that if I go to work and get a paycheck, I can go back. Travel is my coping mechanism. Let's start the week off with happy thoughts. Here are three places I love that help make Monday better.

1. Old Town Square, Prague: I want to be right in front of this clock again. It's giant and amazing. The square is full of people, lots of hustle and bustle. I want to sit myself right in front of this clock and eat dumplings all day. Visual magic.

2. Christ Church College, Oxford: This isn't so much for the view as it is the thrill. Sherry wanted me to see the school so we snuck in and pretended we were students. Any trip to a foreign country that involves a small bit of espionage is worth repeating. Thrilling magic.

3. Ik Kil Cenote, Mexico: Translated into English, cenote means sinkhole. Well, I want to go back to the sinkhole. It's a fresh water underground cave, and swimming in it was the most refreshing thing ever. Magic + fish.

What keeps you going on a Monday?

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