02 November 2009

Monday Groves

Happy Monday! I don't know about you, but I loved the extra hour of sleep that we got this weekend. I woke up on Sunday and remembered what it was like to feel alert. By golly, it was amazing.

If you're still sleepy, I've got something to get you moving. It's the music video for Matt & Kim's new single 'Daylight.' I like the video, I like the song and it makes me want to dance. So get to it, start your Monday with some dance moves.


Tragic Schmagic said...

This most definitely makes me want to dance.

/ \

My attempt at keyboard stick figure dancing man. Not sure if it will be lined up right when I actually post this.

Tragic Schmagic said...



Tragic Schmagic said...

I fail at online stick figures.


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