19 November 2009

Shopping Vicariously: Nancy Drew Is Alright With Me

I don't feel like I am really making a confession here, because if you know me this should not come as a surprise. When I was younger, I wanted to be Nancy Drew. And what young girl who read about a confident teen who solved mysteries with her two best friends didn't? Nancy was great. She always looked stylish, always kept her head and taught girls everywhere such gems as:

  • When your ride is mired in mud, placing heavy burlap in front of the rear wheels and rocking the car back and forth can get you back on the road. -The Secret of Red Gate Farm
  • Moxie and a good sense of balance are essential when crawling on a roof. -The Hidden Staircase
  • When bound and gagged you can still tap out HELP in Morse code to attract attention. -The Clue of the Tapping Heels

So much to learn. In honor of my favorite gumshoe, I give you today's Shopping Vicariously, "Nancy Drew Is Alright With Me."


Bag with a strap for increased mobility
Headband to keep hair out of the way and still look fashionable
Flashlight for evening mysteries
Cute but sensible shoes for running
Book for inspiration
Notebook to take clues down in 

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