06 November 2009

TGIF Linkage

I woke up this morning and noticed a good amount of bruising on both my knees. I took me longer than it should have to remember my tumble earlier in the week. I did feel better once I figured out why I had the bruises. Mystery injuries never sit well with me. I'm hoping I am more graceful this weekend. I don't have too much planned though I am going shopping on Saturday (I've missed you State Street). On Sunday I'm going to visit the parents in the afternoon. I need help doing adult things like comparing health insurance plans. UGH. Whether you're having fun this weekend or reading insurance quotes I hope you have some fun. Let's start the fun now with links:

How to use an apostrophe
Love this dress in  blue
Great photos
World's 18 Strangest Bridges
Oprah's leaving Chicago?
Lichenstein inspired art
Beatles USB
Hostess snack cake sushi
Paper doll notecards
Colin Meloy kid's book

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