17 December 2009

Mom & Duffles

My mom is having surgery on her shoulder today, so I'm going to send her happy recovery thoughts. You may have noticed, anytime I talk about my parents I like to share old pictures of them. It's my duty as their child. Get well soon, mummy!

Unrelated, but still worth sharing: Last week, I resigned up for the gym. Let's just say, I've gotten a bit mushy. Gym culture never ceases to amaze me. It's not a mentality I easily understand. The women who show up with fancy gym clothes, come on. You're just going to sweat in them. And why on earth are you wearing all that makeup? I don't get it. I will say I am partial to cute gym bags. I have an argyle one and it makes me happy. I found a few others that are worth sharing, enjoy!

Cosmic Duffle
Anniversary Duffle
Plaid Duffle
Weekender Duffle

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