08 January 2010

Snowy Friday Links

Happy Friday, dearies! While navigating to work was a bit difficult this morning, I'll admit it was so pretty. All the snow, everything dress up in white- how could you not like it? I hope everyone has some fun weekend plans. Tonight I start a marathon session of housesitting. I've got two weeks, and three different locations ahead of me, and I can't wait. My mother calls me a gypsy. I call it house-trekking. Why not live in a different location every week? That's how adventures happen. I hope you have adventures of your own this weekend. Until Monday:

Cute Save the Date video
How to stop hitting the snooze button
IKEA number poster
Ampersand clothing
Gorgeous wedding dresses
Crafty Scandinavian blog
The coolest tea in the universe
Great print
Fun summer shoe
Marc Johns comics

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