20 January 2010

Playlist Wednesday: It's All Relative

Love them or hate them, we've all got family to deal with. I happen to love mine, because they're awesome, but I've still had my share of arguments with them. One of the most infamous being an argument with my mother when I was 15. I wanted to hang up decorative butterflies on the wall above my bed. We argued for hours over how high on the wall they should be positioned. She wanted them higher, I wanted them lower. I thought they should be the same height as the picture frames on the other wall, but she insisted they be higher, "because butterflies fly, and picture frames don't." Oh, family, we may not always understand each other, but we sure are entertaining. It seems musicians feel the same way, here are a sampling of songs with family members in the title. Enjoy!

(Side note: "Because Butterflies Fly, and Picture Frames Don't" will be the title of my autobiography due out many years from now)

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