06 January 2010

Playlist Wednesday: Tugging At Those Heart Strings

I'm rereading Jane Eyre. It's my favorite book, and without spoiling anything there is a lot of love and a lot of heartbreak (shocker, I know). At the moment, I'm right in the middle of the heartbreak. While I tend to stay away from 'love and loss' themed playists, in favor of something a bit more original, we are making an exception. And if we are going to make an exception for someone, who better than Charlotte Bronte? The woman knows how to tell a story.

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Meeshoo said...

that's in my top three faves too...that's why I like you.

Amanda said...

That's why I like you too! I haven't seen any of the Jane Eyre movies in a while. I put 3 of them in my blockbuster queue. This may border on novel obsession...


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