19 January 2010

Story Time

Okay, kids, here is the story I promised you. A month or so ago, I showed up to work and ended up helping out with a photo shoot for a client. Someone was needed to hold a product for the shots. I became that someone. My hands now grace the cover of the packaging. This is pretty awesome. I used to joke in high school that I'd be a hand model one day. Maybe I should have joked that I would marry an attractive Scotsman instead, because things seem to be working out pretty well for me. Well, I did a second helping of hand shots with a few spokes-modely ones for good measure.

Technically, I'm spraying myself. Odd, but wait, it gets better:

I know, I'm such a suburban housewife. If anything, I can add this to my biography of random facts. So far it reads:
- Bitten by a monkey
- Rode an elephant
- Met Fabio
- Hand modeled

Not bad but it needs work. I'll keep you updated and let you know when I have something else to add.

1 comment:

mushroom said...

Oh man. I love this. I really do.


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