15 January 2010

Sweet Friday Links

Sweet, sweet Friday. I do love you. I love you like a bird loves a french fry.

I made it through week two of house sitting madness. So far, so good. All pets are alive and accounted for. I've got a fun story I'll expand upon next week when I've got some visuals. Teaser: I was a hand model. My hand graces packaging. Irony of ironies, I have since burned my hand. Have an awesome weekend, I'm doing very exciting things like getting my oil changed. It's okay to be jealous. To make it up to you, I have links:

Billy Corgan and Jessica Simpson?
Snuggle suit
Origami jewelry
Periodic Table of Condiments
Android Karenina
Best Sesame Street guest stars
Things we didn't know until last year
5 Seasons of LOST in 8 Minutes 15 Seconds
Grace Kelly's wardrobe at museum
Book clock

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