02 February 2010

Can I call you Katey? No?

Dear Kate Spade,

Why aren't we best friends? I received your latest eblast, and I really think we are missing out on something great. What I mean is we both love polka dots and splashes of color. We both love bows and all things ladylike. We could be good for each other. I could be your blogger, you could pay me in polka dots. We could have long conversations about books and bows over salted pretzels on the streets of New York and then change our shoes and go out for a drink. You will love me, I promise. I'm not saying we need a crazy celebrity nickname like "Kamanda." I'm just saying I think we'd get along. If you don't want to be my friend, I understand. Could you at least send me the dress pictured above? You're the best!

You're newest BFF,


Meeshoo said...

You need a "love this" button your on blog. :-)

Meeshoo said...

on your blog, that is, evidently I'm Yoda this morning.

Amanda said...

Ha! I think all your comments should be in Yoda speak. Funny they are. Happy they make me.


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