08 February 2010

Monday Design Inspiration

Despite my best efforts to put it off, Monday has come. In an attempt to get in the proper frame of mind, I have a few design items to kick the week off.

This poster for the New York Public Library is gorgeous and so smart. Small printing budget? Silkscreen on newspaper to the rescue:

This evolution of type taste poster is shockingly accurate and brings to mind a few painful memories. I remember my Typewriter and Gil Sans phases quite clearly:

Finally, this is the best piece of public art that I've seen in a while. Granted, I didn't have that big of a breakfast this morning, and if that giant waffle were real I'd be on the first plane to New York knife and fork in hand.


City Girl Chicago said...

love this waffle ~ You know the artist knew full well how fantastic it would look with the yellow leaves ~ just lovely!

tinypaperheart said...

haha love the waffle!

Rachel Dangerfield said...

LOVE this entry! That type evolution is too funny (and way way too true!). I'm in my Archer phase on the serif side, but still in the Avenir phase on the sans serif :)


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