19 February 2010

Friday Links + Amanda Q & A

 Lot's of goodies for today! First up I've got your normal Friday links. Ten random things that I found on the Internet this week and think you might enjoy.


Card game for book lovers
Donut burger?!
Faux wood blog
Very cool old maps
Frog mug
Star Wars cookies
Book cover blog
What color are you? (I'm Yellow)
Flaming Lips singer Wayne Coyne's house
Felt Pancakes

Next, I realized that sometimes I use this blog to ramble with abandon. Many of my friends read it, and I love you for that. For those readers out there that I've never personally met, forgive my manners. It's about time I introduce myself. How about a little Q & A session:

What does Alpha Scout mean? Where did the name come from?
In college, a friend started calling me Scout because I knew how to find things. I'm the information girl, and if I don't have the information I will find out how to get it for you. Since I'm pretty good at what I do, I added Alpha, a mark or grade corresponding to an A. Yes, I graded myself, and I got an A in scouting.

What are three awesome things I should know about you?
1) If you want me to do something, make it a game. Take out the garbage? Not a chance. Take out the garbage in under two minutes while hopping on one leg? It's on.
2) My mom and I met Fabio at a Sam's Club in the suburbs of Chicago. He was selling a line of leather coats. In person, his face looks like a leather coat.
3) My passport aches to have more stamps in it. I am a travel junkie who is always in need of a fix.

If you could live your life like a musical, which musical would it be like?
My Fair Lady: I'd like a British man to take an interest in me, teach me etiquette and the ways of the world, maybe even buy me a dress or two.

Do you know the difference between lie and lay?
Yes, I do! People lie. Things lay. Lie is to recline, lay is placing something somewhere. So I would lie next to a chicken while the chicken lays an egg.

What is a talent you have that isn't really a talent at all, yet you are so proud of it that you call it a talent?
Recently, I told a friend that I could hear cardigans.

If you could describe yourself in 4 words, what would those words be?
Enthusiastic about awesome things.

What is your stance on formal shorts?
I've never had the guts to pull them off. If I did, I'd wear them with tights. This pair is both horrific and secretly awesome. Let's be honest, if you're going to do formal shorts, why not make them $1,200 and orange leather? Go big or go home.

Why do you blog?
I have thoughts running through my head all day. Ideas pop in that I want to share with my friends, and frankly anyone who is interested. Simply put, when I get ideas or hear about interesting things I want to share them with people.

I hope that helped you get to know me a little better. If you have a question for me, feel free to ask it in the comments section. Thanks and have an awesome weekend!


Cupcake said...

Color Quiz result: Black

Rachel Elizabeth said...

Loving the links.

mushroom said...

Also Black. It's quite accurate.


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