05 February 2010

Friday Links + Austen + Selleck?

Happy Friday, friends! I've got another quiz for you. If you liked the Bachelors of Highbury quiz, you will love the Which Austen Heroine Are You quiz? Take it and find out who you are. I got Catherine.

If you want the opposite of Austen check out Selleck Waterfall Sandwich. It's the most ridiculous blog I've encountered, but makes me laugh.

Have a great weekend! We will reconviene on Monday.

Friday Links:
Veer understands me
Pitchfork announces Summer lineup
Rainbow pancakes
Pretty soap
Dress love
Create your own desktop wallpaper
Customize your own water bottle 
This just seems unsafe
Virginia Woolf songs


mushroom said...

I got Elizabeth Bennet. I wasn't expecting that.

Constanza Hands said...

My name is Marianne Dashwood. It's nice to meet you.


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