11 February 2010

Friday Links

All together now, everyone take a deep breath and say it with me- it's Friday! I love it more than a bakers dozen of vanilla cupcakes with chocolate frosting and sprinkles.

I hope you have something exciting planned for the weekend. Tonight I'm actually hanging out with my dad and watching some BBC DVDs (I just wanted to use acronyms). Tomorrow I'm heading out for  pizza and improv, and I hope to go sledding with the girls on Sunday. We might as well take advantage of all this snow. As always I've got some Internet findings for you. Enjoy, behave and we reconvene on Monday.

Miss parts of Emma? Watch it all here.
Fashion thesaurus
70 free fonts for designers
She & Him cover kids songs for charity
Ice cream light!
Coffee Sugar Cookies
Recommended design reads
Candy sushi
Panda Ear buds 

How about some Friday tunes? I love this song, but the video creeps me out a little:

P.S. If you have something that you'd like you share, be a scout and let me know! I'll do my part and spread the word.

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Meeshoo said...

thanks for the Emma link!! yay!


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