01 February 2010


I want a fish, one of those googly eyed goldfish. It might happen this week. Name suggestions? I'm fond of all names literary, art, music and / or food related.

Incites from Wikipedia: Like all fish that are kept as pets, goldfish do not like to be petted.
Duly noted.


Tragic Schmagic said...

Usually, I'd have to be inspired by the personality of pet in question, but off the top of my head, I like the names, Patsy Cline, Pippie Longstocking, Pegs, Pepper, Pappy, Pinwheel, and Paddington.

I don't know where the "P" theme came from, but I like it.

Rachel Elizabeth said...

Male: Sebastian, Arthur, Oberon, Charley, Darcy, Hamlet

Female: Viola, Valentine, Arwen, Sula, Bronte, Scout


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