11 February 2010

Katie Daisy

Now aren't these pretty? When I look out my window and see the 9 inches of snow on the ground, I get a little bummed. Then I look at these prints and remember Spring exists.

The Wheatfield is an Etsy shop run by Katie Daisy (I know, even her name is charming). The shop is full of prints that, according to Katie, are "inspired by nature, bathing in the creek, hiking with a puppy, camping with my sweetie, stargazing on a mountaintop and all things rural." Katie, you had me at hiking with a puppy.

If you think that's great, well things are about to get even more exciting because Katie has a website. It just so happens her site is adorable too. And look what I found, a floral ampersand!
But oh my goodness, this is the post that keeps on giving because she has also designed her sweetie's site. He's a musician. Oooo. Enjoy, and if you're looking at 9 inches of snow too, I sympathize.

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