18 February 2010

Mini-palooza Music Morning

This week is exciting. Natalie and I are going to three shows in a row. We've got St. Vincent tonight, Sondre Lerche on Friday and Ha Ha Tonka on Saturday. It's like a three-day weekend of rock. Except that Thursday really isn't part of the weekend, I have to work on Friday and there's no show on Sunday to go to. You get the idea though, right? We've tried to come up with a name for our 3-day fest. Mini-palooza seems to be the winner for now. Don't know who any of those people are? I've got you covered:


mushroom said...

Night one = SUCCESS!

Rachel Elizabeth said...

I love Sondre Leche, have you seen Dan is Real Life? He did a lot of the soundtrack for that movie.

Amanda said...

I have seen Dan In Real Life. It's a great movie, but I can't help thinking the soundtrack bumps it up a few notches :)


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