03 February 2010

Playlist Wednesday: I don't like the name of your band, but I like your music.

Naming your band is a big deal. I imagine bands put a lot of thought into the process. Did you know Coldplay started out calling themselves Starfish? The Beatles started out as The Quarrymen, later became The Silver Beatles and then finally settled on The Beatles. Names are a big deal. I've made a short list of a few bands that I think could use a little rebranding. I still enjoy their music, but I try not to think about their names. As always my list is completely biased, and you are allowed to disagree with me.

Jaymay: Jamie. NOT Jaymay. Your name is Jaime. This hurts me down to my grammatical bones. It's like insisting everyone refer to me as Amanduh,

The Ettes: Your use of a suffix as a band name frustrates me. Use a whole word!

Landon Pigg: This one isn't entirely fair because Pigg is your last name. I know it's your last name, and it's Pigg with two Gs. Regardless, you make my list. You were great in Whip It though. Kudos.

The Moldy Peaches: It's the visual. Moldy food is fascinating but gross. I loose my appetite every time I put your CD in.

I'm From Barcelona: It just seems a little elitist. So what, I'm from Chicago. My blog isn't called I'm from Chicago. And you aren't even from Barcelona, you're from Sweden. I'm just confused.

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For a little fun of your own, check out The Band Name Maker. I typed in "Scout" and it gave me a few fun options including "Scout Dinosaur And The Association." I like it better than The Moldy Peaches.  Look for my EP in stores next summer!


Jaeve + Things said...

oh my gosh, you are too funny!

Tragic Schmagic said...

DUDE, the name Landon Pigg taunted me a little bit too. Such an adorable sweet little boy face, and such an terrible awful unfortunate name.

Womp. Womp.

mushroom said...

I really like this post. Totally agree with the pigg, so sad. I've never heard of "Jaymay" but I do like that song alot. And that band name generator is hilarious. It brought me, The Frantic Bagel. And when I typed in my name, I got Regular Sarah And The Twinkie. On the other hand, it gave me Fecal Sarah, so...there's that. P.S. Longest comment ever.

Amanda said...

Regular Sarah And The Twinkie is fabulous. I expect albums from you.


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