15 February 2010

Sledding + Design Inspiration

Happy Monday! I had an awesome weekend. I got to go sledding! It was a blast. Yes, I hurt myself and have a limp today. Tis the nature of the game.

Enough about me, let's add a little design inspiration to this Monday. How pretty are these vitamins? Bioform is a Norwegian-based company. I don't know much about Norway, but I know I like these bottles. Anytime you can make vitamins / medicine look appealing, I think you've achieved something great.

Alphabet paper cups! Not only are these handy at a party because everyone can remember which cup is theirs but they could be fun to decorate with. Stack them up, string them together, these are practical and pretty.
Finally, I found wood type pillows. I promise they are much more cushy then they sound. I'd purchase one, but my apartment is reaching it's max when it comes to type and letter related design pieces. Any more and it's going to look like an episode of Sesame Street.

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Costanza Hands said...

Want! Gimme!


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