29 March 2010

Check It: Simple Diary

I'm sort of a journal person. I have one that I use on and off. I journal with a purpose. When I was twenty, I made a 30 Things to do Before I'm 30 list. I write in that journal when I have an update or knock something off the list. Other that that, I've never been a "Dear Diary..." kind of girl. Not everyday is worth recording, and I have neither the commitment nor the schedule to write everyday. If only there was some really fun type of journal that gave me suggestions and asked me questions I never thought about before. Behold, the Simple Diary!

Not only does it come in fun colors (I have yellow), it's basically a mad lib journal. You fill in all the blanks. Was your day a schnitzel, baloney or a catastrophe? I bet you didn't even know your day could be schnitzel. Well it can, and now I've got you thinking. If you're curious, check our the Simple Diary site or thumb through one yourself. They can be found at Borders, Barnes and Nobel and Dick Blick.


Julie Kirk said...

I bought two of these [I have green!] one for me and the other for my Mr.[I got him the more manly brown one.] When we remember to, we select a page at random - each fill it in - then compare how each of us felt about the same day. It can be quite revealing :)

Amanda said...

That's such a great idea! I was thinking what a great gift one of these would make, but I didn't consider sharing and comparing entries. Nice.

mushroom said...

I love these. I must pick one up at once!

Costanza Fan said...

I am probably going to buy one of these. I don't know what color though. Any suggestions?

Amanda said...

The information on the inside is the same for all. In person, the blue is a little bright for my taste. You might like the orange.


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