05 March 2010

Friday Links

It's Friday! I know that's my reaction every Friday, but I always mean it. Tonight, I'm meeting up with a bunch of friends for a little piano bar goodness, and tomorrow I'm going to see Alice in Wonderland! I've got one week left at my current job, and it's finally hitting me. Is it possible to explode from anxiety and excitement? If it is, proceed with caution if I see you this weekend. Here's to having a fabulous weekend, not exploding and appreciation of the Internet through random and various links.

Book lights
Need a new desktop
Crazy bathtubs
Lots of lists
How to carve a watermelon T Rex dinosaur
Nice spice shakers
Personalized Alice In Wonderland copy
Ice cream bench
Modern log cabin
Fun, but tough, brand quiz


mushroom said...

I only knew 4 of those brands...wow. Why can't I see the answers now? It's driving me crazy.

Amanda said...

It's pretty hard, with help from other people I figured out most of them, but there are still others I may never know.

Costanza Fan said...

I'm in love with those book lights. Not to mention the wall and pull-down tables that look like books. *sigh* Book love.

Meeshoo said...

I got 11 correct on my own. It seems like a test that would be good to do with a group. I want to know all the answers!


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