18 March 2010

Friday Link Celebration

Well, I survived my first week at the new job. No major blunders to speak of, though I thought I broke a toilet and I did walk in and sit down in the wrong office yesterday. Yes, there was someone else sitting at the desk I put my bag down at. He was very confused. Sssh. Moving on, how should I celebrate? How about Whirly Ball on Saturday? What is Whirly Bally you ask? Think bumper cars + basketball + lacrosse. It's going to be an amazing mess.I hope your weekend is just as fun.Till Monday, enjoy some linkage.

RGB Lamp
I love tea towels
Dogs as typefaces
Listen to She & Him Vol 2 before it comes out
Fade out chair
Hover cats?
Picnic table condiment set 
Portland street style
Sweet mural
Oh, Mr. Darcy

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