25 March 2010

Friday Link Ho-down

It's Friday! I'm almost happier than this little pig.Why you ask? Yesterday, I finally made it to the Modern Wing at the Art Institute. If you're in Chicago, you should totally check it out. It's free on Thursdays from 5-8, so head over after work. The space itself is gorgeous.

Tonight I'm going to see Vampire Weekend in concert and tomorrow I'm going to the roller derby! Windy City Rollers, here I come. As always I hope you have something great planned. A lot of my friends are sick right now, so if you can't make it out because you're under the weather, get a movie, curl up on the couch and rest your weekend away.

Watercolor Save the Dates
Paramore covering Kings of Leon
Seal Snuggie?
'70s logo types
Insane coat love
Boot umbrella stand
Overactive gallery of found PostIt Notes
Nice looking Recycling Bins
The most annoying commercial. Ever.
Cocktail chemistry set


Jessie said...

Roller Derby?! Is it at UIC?? I might get tickets next time!!

Meeshoo said...

Don't add to your bruise collection!

Amanda said...

It is at UIC!

I promise I will not jump onto the rink and skate. :) Whirly bruises are finally fading. No more.


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