23 March 2010

Playlist Wednesday: Video Time

We're going with music videos today, kids. We've got one new video, one not so new video and one old school video to share.

New: Vampire Weekend- Giving Up The Gun
I don't believe I've shared the new Vampire Weekend with you. It's pretty fun. Wait till the two-minute mark for a fun cameo. 

Not So New: Feist- I Feel It All
This reaches ridiculous levels of fun. For every girl to loves fireworks and being a little reckless.

Feist "I Feel It All" from MOTOR // flame artists on Vimeo.

Old School: Coldplay- The Scientist
2002 is kind of old school. Regardless, I still love those Coldplay boys.

Coldplay - The Scientist from Argumente on Vimeo.

1 comment:

tinypaperheart said...

haha these are fun. :)


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