01 March 2010

Updates + Monday Design Inspiration

Exciting things are going down in these parts. On Friday, I gave my two-weeks notice. I'm excited and nervous and all sorts of things when I think about starting my new job. Things are pretty hectic right now, since I'm trying to tie up all sorts of loose ends, but I promise this week will be fun. On Wednesday, I've got something special for you. The good people at Quirk Books, contacted a bunch of bloggers, yours truly included, for a special promotion. I was sent an early copy of their upcoming book Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: Dawn of the Dreadfuls. I read it, and on Wednesday not only will I have a review for you, I'll have special information on how you can win fabulous prizes from Quirk Books. Sound awesome? Well it's going to be. 

So those are the updates, kids. Now let's get this week rolling with some design eye candy:

Bookshelf lust


Nice Student Work

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