29 April 2010

Partie lien Vendredi!

Happy Friday! I feel like I say that a lot, so how about we try another language this week? Vendredi heureuse! Tres bien, oui oui? I used Google translate to help with the translation of the post title. If it's translated wrong and accidentally offensive, take it up with le Google.

I am ready for this weekend. It's going to be family filled and awesome. The weather is amazing today in Chicago. Go outside if you can. If it's raining where you are, have an umbrella party or something. Make sure to enjoy yourself. Here's to Friday, family and the approach of summer. Au revoir mon pretties!


The love ampersand
My Morning Jacket & Andrew Bird cover Shel Silverstein
Nerd merit badges
Geo Table
Illustrated kitchen linens
Fab bun in the oven invites
Quotation mark earrings
Summer Tomato health blog
Bunny Ears Tee
New $100 design?

Thing Finder

Saw this on Friends of Type and I've been meaning to share.
And if you don't know about Friends of Type, you should. They provide lovely images like this:

28 April 2010

Playlist Wednesday: Elvis Perkins

I am a sucker for good lyrics.Some musicians have a gift for making you feel like they're telling you a story as they sing. Singer-songwriter Elvis Perkins does that. His folk-rock style and mellow voice just take me to a calm place. I can't help but listen and follow his stories. Perkins reminds me of Neutral Milk Hotel with a sprinkle of Bob Dylan (if Bob Dylan could carry a tune). Give him a listen. If you want to know more, check out his band Elvis Perkins in Dearland. If you don't want to know more I'll have different music next week.

Create a playlist at MixPod.com

27 April 2010

Check It: Ming Makes Cupcakes

What's better than a cupcake site? A well-designed cupcake site! Check out Ming Makes Cupcakes.

I don't know if I like the aesthetics or the recipes better. On one hand that's a nice layout, on the other hand port wine and cherry chocolate cupcakes with mascarpone frosting. Oh boy. I suppose this is a good problem to have. Please excuse me now, I have to go drool.

26 April 2010

Monday Design Inspiration + New iPod Woes

Happy Monday! My weekend concluded with mixed feelings. I finally retired my old iPod Mini. It faithfully got me through six years and has many battle scars to prove it. It's been replaced by a shiny emerald green nano. However, my computer won't recognize the new iPod. I walked myself through most of the tutorials on the Apple Support Site to no avail. Happily, I scheduled a call with an Apple rep for tomorrow evening, and I should be up and running soon. Enough of my iPod drama, let's ease into Monday with some eye candy:

Screen Printed Swell Season Poster

Luxury Pencil Design

So You Need A Typeface (zoom for detail)

23 April 2010

Friday Link Party

This week flew by. That makes Friday even better since it's a little like a surprise. Oh, it's Friday already? Sweet, I'll take it! I will also take the two fabulous days that follow. I plan on doing some running. My first 5K is just over a month away. Scary. I also have some mountains of laundry that are leering at me, but I might be okay ignoring them. Whatever you have planned this weekend, have some fun and we'll meet up again on Monday.

Type set in falling water
Great book jacket article
Thumbtack art
Necklace love
Cupcake key covers
Wine bottle light fixtures
Eugenia Kim for Target
New Blow music
Almost time for Chicago Farmers Markets
Trustworthiness of beards (zoom for detail)

22 April 2010

Suggestions Anyone?

I'm working on a new side project and could use a few pointers. I'm painting. I've never taken a painting class, so I approach the medium much like sketching or doodling. I know that's not correct, but it's all I know. My previous attempt at painting ended up being more of a mixed media collage. That's where this may be headed. I like it, but I don't love it. My bird needs some help. This is not my area of expertise, so I am open to any suggestions. Tell the non-painter how to make it better.

21 April 2010

Playlist Wednesday: The Blow

I want you to know that as I type this I have a massive case of the hiccups. Each hiccup causes a typo, this is difficult.

Instead of a featured playlist this week, I want to feature a band that I've been listening to lately. The Blow is comprised of electronic dance beats and vocals from Khaela Maricich. The music isn't overly synthesized, it's simple and a lot of fun lyrically. There is a song called parenthesis. "And when you're holding me we make a pair of parentheses. There's plenty space to encase whatever weird way my mind goes." The grammar lover in me is blushing. Enjoy, and if it's not your thing I'll have more music

Create a playlist at MixPod.com

Just so you know, I STILL have the hiccups.

20 April 2010

Check It: Daily Foodles

Simple concept, awesome execution, even more awesome name. Check out Daily Foodles. Foodles? Food + Doodles = Foodles. Designer and illustrator Megan Pendergrass draws what she eats. I told you it was a simple concept. The results are fun, filled with nice type and may induce salivation.

19 April 2010

Monday Design Inspiration

Happy Monday, y'all. Mondays are rough. Let's try and make things a little easier with some eye candy. So get your coffee, or morning beverage of choice, and take a few minutes to soak up a little creativity.

 Massive Letter Wall

Ampersand Pillow Cover

Hotel keycard art

16 April 2010

Friday Links & Typeface

I saw a great documentary last night called Typeface. It's about a museum and print shop in the rural town of Twin Rivers, Wisconsin. Fun fact: Twin Rivers, Wisconsin invented the ice cream sundae. Wood type and ice cream? I don't know why I'm not there now.

Aside from the film's obvious appeal to type nerds as designers (there are countless closeups on wood blocks, presses) it also deals with the disappearance of certain trades in today's digital era. If you are a fan of the Helvetica film, have an interest in design, or just like documentaries I highly recommend the film. Find out more including screening locations on the Typeface site.

I know it's Friday, and per custom I've got some links for you. Enjoy, have an awesome weekend, and we will chat on Monday.

Recycled Upside down planters 
Sweet designer poster
Periodic table of imaginary elements
Is Archer the new Papyrus
This literals has my name on it
Love Shop 
Booze Cakes 
Project White shirt
Table love
Book planter

15 April 2010

Sports and Glasses

I think 2010 is the year of sports for me. If you know me, you just did a spit take. I've already attended two sporting events (roller derby totally counts), there are potential plans for more, I'm running a 5K in June and I might be doing another in May. I know! Insanity, but I'm loving it. I figure why not? Anyway, I had to share. I also want to share the coolest sunglasses ever.Wooden Ray Ban style glasses? Love it. I have plastic wood grain glasses from Target, but these puppies are the real deal. Knowing me, I'd get a splinter on my face, but it totally be worth it. More info here.

14 April 2010

Playlist Wednesday: Work It Out

I started my 5k training this week. I'm doing a couch to 5K training program. A huge motivation factor for me is music. I wont run without my iPpod. I'm not saying this music is gold. Come on people, Rhythm Is A Dancer? It gets me moving, and that's all that  matters. So from my workout playlist here are a few tracks off my workout playlist.

13 April 2010

More Elijah Music Videos

A few weeks back I shared with you two music videos featuring Elijah Wood. Believe it or not, I've got yet another. This time, it's The Apples in Stereo who feature Mr. Wood. I don't know how he manages to be in all of these, but if I had a music video, I'd absolutely call him to be in it. He seems like a nice guy, so maybe if I ask really nicely and tell him that I've loved him ever since Radio Flyer he'll do it. Worth a try. Now all I have to do is write some songs, form a band and figure out a premise for the video.

The Apples in stereo - "Dance Floor" from Greg Gilpatrick on Vimeo.

P.S. How adorable is he in this video? He just loves science so much!

Ampersand ID Chart

Everybody at once say, "Oooooo." More info here.

Check It: Out of Print Clothing

It's no secret that I'm a book nerd. I got little butterflies when I came across these literary t-shirts at Out of Print Clothing.  Salinger, Steinbeck, Kerouac- just pick your poison. Personally, I'd love an Austen or a Bronte shirt, but Fitzgerald is also calling my name. Check out all the shirts here, and stop by Out of Print's blog while you're at it.

12 April 2010

Design Inspiration Monday: Factory 20

I hope you had a great weekend. My plans to spring clean were put off in favor of fun. I chose wisely. Today's design inspiration is coming to us in the form of furniture. I came across Factory 20 last week. It's all sorts of amazing. To quote their site Factory 20 specializes in, "Reclaiming salvaged materials, using uncommon combinations and adhering to modernist tenets." It's vintage industrial meets contemporary design meets will someone please get met that drafting table. I picked out a few of my favorite pieces to share. Enjoy. 

09 April 2010

Happy Friday Links

What are my favorite words to utter every week? It's Friday! Ah, hello weekend. At the moment, I have the most exciting weekend plans of spring cleaning my apartment. I know, try and hold back your ooos and aahs, but this needs to be done. Have a great weekend, and until we meet again on Monday enjoy some links!

Business card throwing
Clock Love
Alice In Wonderland kitchenware
Spectacular animal portrait
Google map invites
Love this totebag
Bad cupcake bag
Paper cake topper
How to look good in a photo
The refrigerator of my dreams

07 April 2010

Check It: Blue Carrot Shop

I love kitsch. Kitsch sold online by an adorable blue bunny wearing a monocle? There are no words at that point. Behold Blue Carrot Shop, a fun source for vintage home goods and letterpress supplies. Check out their site and their blog for all sorts of fun. I picked out a few of my favorites from their shop. Enjoy:

Coffee & Tea canisters
Cursive type drawer
Helvetica salt & pepper shakes
Rotary phone
Aluminum Apple

Jason Mraz website

No playlist today. We're doing a design/ music combo post. Everyone cool with that? Okay, let's proceed.

I used to visit Jason Mraz's website to read his blog. He's a writer, and a good one. I say used to because it's been a long time since I was there, ages. I was pleasantly surprised when I revised and found the site got a redesign. It's so much fun now. As you navigate though, you can set the site to either voice, music, or silence (controls are in the left hand corner under the pages). I recommend exploring set to voice. As you visit different pages, you get sound bites from Jason. A visit to the tour page delivers a gem of a song called Information Jason containing such lyrics as "guess what my pants are beige, but you can't see them not on the tour page." Photos, Music and Links provide equal comic relief.  Is that a kazoo he's playing on the music page?

In an industry full of giant egos, it's nice to see an artist not take himself so seriously. Things like this draw me to an artist even if I don't particularly like their music (but I like his anyway). Props on an awesome site, Jason.

06 April 2010

Embroidered Invite

An embroidered wedding invite? The designer sewed one invite then used her scanner to reproduce the effect and printed the rest. Gorgeous and very smart. This makes me want to use my scanner more.

The Race to the Taste

It's official. I registered for a 5K. Those of you who know me should find this amusing, because I don't like running. Regardless, it's something I've thought about for a while so I'm doing it. What's stopping me?

The Race to the Taste is in June, so I've got time to get ready. Bonus, I'm running toward the Taste of Chicago. If running to food doesn't motivate me, nothing will. I'm pretty excited and I'll let you know how things go.

05 April 2010

01 April 2010

Friday Link Party

I've never been good at math, but I'm pretty sure Friday + Good Weather =  Crazy Awesome. I haven't seen the sun in forever so the past few days have been beautiful. If your schedule permits, I hope you get a chance to be outside this weekend. Saturday, I'm going to my first Chicago Bulls game. The girls and I got some sweet tickets, and we are ready. Have fun, and until we talk again on Monday please enjoy the links.

Hanging Globe
Urban Grocer
Holy polka dot, Batman
Bacon shoes
Runway Sharpies


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