23 April 2010

Friday Link Party

This week flew by. That makes Friday even better since it's a little like a surprise. Oh, it's Friday already? Sweet, I'll take it! I will also take the two fabulous days that follow. I plan on doing some running. My first 5K is just over a month away. Scary. I also have some mountains of laundry that are leering at me, but I might be okay ignoring them. Whatever you have planned this weekend, have some fun and we'll meet up again on Monday.

Type set in falling water
Great book jacket article
Thumbtack art
Necklace love
Cupcake key covers
Wine bottle light fixtures
Eugenia Kim for Target
New Blow music
Almost time for Chicago Farmers Markets
Trustworthiness of beards (zoom for detail)


Ephemeral Evidence said...

I LOVE THE BEARDS...funny...just made my husband get rid of that nonsense! He was questionable at best.

Costanza Fan said...

How could I not love the beards' link? The necklace link didn't work for me. I want to see what you picked. The falling water video blew my mind.

Amanda said...

I just wish we were friends with the person who drew the beard link.

I fixed the necklace link, but now it's out of stock.


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