16 April 2010

Friday Links & Typeface

I saw a great documentary last night called Typeface. It's about a museum and print shop in the rural town of Twin Rivers, Wisconsin. Fun fact: Twin Rivers, Wisconsin invented the ice cream sundae. Wood type and ice cream? I don't know why I'm not there now.

Aside from the film's obvious appeal to type nerds as designers (there are countless closeups on wood blocks, presses) it also deals with the disappearance of certain trades in today's digital era. If you are a fan of the Helvetica film, have an interest in design, or just like documentaries I highly recommend the film. Find out more including screening locations on the Typeface site.

I know it's Friday, and per custom I've got some links for you. Enjoy, have an awesome weekend, and we will chat on Monday.

Recycled Upside down planters 
Sweet designer poster
Periodic table of imaginary elements
Is Archer the new Papyrus
This literals has my name on it
Love Shop 
Booze Cakes 
Project White shirt
Table love
Book planter


mushroom said...

I really enjoyed the Helvetica film. I'll have to check this baby out.

Ephemeral Evidence said...

Love your blog! And I love me some Wisconsin....we'll have to check this place out next time we are home!


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