07 April 2010

Jason Mraz website

No playlist today. We're doing a design/ music combo post. Everyone cool with that? Okay, let's proceed.

I used to visit Jason Mraz's website to read his blog. He's a writer, and a good one. I say used to because it's been a long time since I was there, ages. I was pleasantly surprised when I revised and found the site got a redesign. It's so much fun now. As you navigate though, you can set the site to either voice, music, or silence (controls are in the left hand corner under the pages). I recommend exploring set to voice. As you visit different pages, you get sound bites from Jason. A visit to the tour page delivers a gem of a song called Information Jason containing such lyrics as "guess what my pants are beige, but you can't see them not on the tour page." Photos, Music and Links provide equal comic relief.  Is that a kazoo he's playing on the music page?

In an industry full of giant egos, it's nice to see an artist not take himself so seriously. Things like this draw me to an artist even if I don't particularly like their music (but I like his anyway). Props on an awesome site, Jason.

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