28 May 2010

Finish Line Link Party

Happy Friday! So I race my first "5K". I use quotes because it was actually a tiny bit longer. An official 5K is about 3.2 miles. This, dear friends, was 3.5. Pre-race my company was chilling and stretching at our tent when we saw someone walk by with a shirt that said 3.5 miles on it. Um, that's a newsflash to me! Regardless, I ran and I finished! I'm proud. If there's an unattractive photo of me finishing, I will share. I swear I saw flashes when I crossed, so I assume there are photos. Either that or I was hallucinating by the end. Ah well. Happy Friday, enjoy the long weekend, and I'll see you on Tuesday!

Letterpress dog love
PB&J Pouch 
Record Tripping Game
Best cardigan ever
50 best cartoon characters of all time
Well designed coffee
Dude, Glee covered Beck?
Whale songs 
Good ol' Sellect waterfall sandwich has a theme song now

1 comment:

Ephemeral Evidence said...

CONGRATS! Isnt it the best feeling ever to finish???


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