07 May 2010

Friday Link Party with Special Video

Happy Friday! I went on my first tapas crawl in Lincoln Square last night and really had a blast. Five locations each with their own drink & food paring. I was like an experiment in adult behavior, a field trip for adults if you will. What happens when you put a dozen adults together who don't know each other but all want food and a glass of wine? Becky & I met some interesting people who gave us some great vacation advice and we had potato and rosemary pizza at Pizza D.O.C. Delicious! Have a great weekend, and if you can, eat some potato and rosemary pizza!

Scarf with pockets
Stream of new LCD Soundsystem CD
Google dropped their drop shadow!
Weekend advice
Prints from poster caberet
Dress napkins
Invisible chair marketing 

Special Friday Link:
I came across this during the week. It's just fun. 5 coworkers, 5 MacBooks and one song.

1 comment:

mushroom said...

How is that invisible chair thing possible? Am I missing something here?


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