14 May 2010

Friday Links & Anniversary Love

Happy Friday and happy anniversary to my brother and sister-in-law! On Monday they celebrated eight years. Aw... I get to see them this weekend and have some fun. I hope you've got some fun of your own planned. See you Monday!

I heart minimalism
DIY paper clock 
New Seattles Best branding
Vending machine review blog
A duvet with sleeves?
Polka dot love
Martha Stewart + Big Boi
Wheel of nutrition plate
Chalkboard pendant light
It will make you smile


Meeshoo said...

Wow, thanks. I've never been the focus of a blog before. :) When I opened your page I was like...wait...did I open my facebook page and not Amanda's blog. I was so confused! haha See you tomorrow sis-in-law!

Amanda said...

Haha, little did we know eight years ago what fun we were getting into. :)

Ephemeral Evidence said...

Did you see Martha Stewart and Snoop Dog? Hilarious.

Amanda said...

I have seen that, and I love it! It's almost as much fun as Conan and Martha. :)


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