03 May 2010

A to Z Happy

I had a bad day last week. While trying to cure my funk I remembered something I did when I was little. In school I had to make a list of different things that made me happy. For every letter of the alphabet name something that makes you happy, Twenty-six things later, you're in a great mood. Try it.

A to Z Happy
A- Ampersands
B- British Literature
C- Crossword Puzzles
D- Daises
E- Ewoks
F- Fireworks
G- Green
H- Hugs
I- Icicles
J- Jim Halpert
K- Kitsch
L- Live music
M- Mail
N- Nostalgia
O- October
P- Pandas
Q- Quotations
R- Road trips
S- Scotland
T- Typewriters
U- Utensils
V- Vacations
W- Waffles
X- XRT Radio
Y- Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Z- Ziplock bags

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