30 June 2010

Peace Out Till The 12th

I'm going on blog hiatus till Monday, July 12. I've got a vacation coming up and a zillion things to do before hand. Rather that toying with all your emotions and making you think will she or wont she post today, I'll just come out and say I'm going radio silent till the 12th. I'll come back with loads of inspiration and stories of the sunny West Coast. In the meantime, get out there and enjoy your summer!

25 June 2010

Happy Friday

Happy Friday! I love today. It's Friday, it's sunny and did I mention it's Friday? I've got a baby shower tomorrow, and I'm running another 5K on Sunday! Let's hear it for The Race to the Taste. Now once I arrive at the Taste of Chicago, I don't think I'll be chowing down on any ribs and/or other Chicago delicacies. After all, it won't even be 9 am. I do plan getting some pancakes and coffee. Mmm! Have an awesome weekend, stay cool and have some pancakes!

Letter Stool
DIY woven lamp
5 things to make with crepe paper
Supergroup Tired Pony: Snow Patol + Belle & Sebastien + Zooey Deschanel
Beautiful wedding (I know the bride's cousin)
Individual servings of wine with a peel off top? 
Grace Kelly: Photo Muse
Owl ring
Healthy Food Awards
Sweet PlayStation origami mailer

24 June 2010

Check It: Acquamiki Lamp

Can we all agree that this pendant lamp is amazing? Yes? That was easy. Now can we all agree to pitch in and buy my one? No? Well, at least I tried.

23 June 2010

Typographical Theater

Dare I utter these words? There is a play running in San Francisco titled Gutenberg! The Musical! I didn't add those exclamation points, but I think they are deserved. The show is a two-man play about two writers trying to get funding for their for musical about Johann Gutenberg. I know the play within a play thing has been done before, but never about Johann Gutenberg. As expected there are references to letterpress and printing presses. There's even a beautiful girl names Helvetica (Now I have a name for my firstborn). For more information, visit the play's official site or read a review here.

21 June 2010

Sleepy Design Inspiration Monday

I need a little design inspiration like nobody's business right now. I had an awesome weekend, but it left me wanting sleep. I need something fun right now, and I'm not sure what's more fun than Lego architecture. Check out this article from Apartment Therapy on Lego design and architecture.

If that's not fun enough for you how about a game? Take this poster quiz. Can you guess all these movies from just the one letter off the poster? Click here to find out.

18 June 2010

Friday Link Party

Happy Friday, my dears! Is everyone ready for the weekend? I'm picking up my race packet for my next 5K on Saturday! I'm also taking a trip out to Rockford, playing tour guide to a New Yorker and possibly watching some World Cup. It's going to be great. If you don't have anything great planned, make something great happen. See you on Monday!

Vintage DC Comic Prints
Shrubs on wheels!
Paper Tweets
Printable illustrated bookplate
Bendy flatware
Shark sleeping bag
Beck lines up collaborators for new record
Donut necklaces and more
Sunday Suppers

17 June 2010

Babies Documentary

I saw a great documentary called Babies. For those of you with deductive powers of reasoning it was, in fact, about babies. It's more interesting than that though, I swear. The film follows the upbringing of four different children from four different countries: The United States, Mongolia, Japan and Namibia. It's fascinating to watch how children from around the world are raised. All the American baby segments were familiar to me, but then I saw the Mongolian baby sitting in a metal tub as a goat wandered by and drank from the tub. Not so familiar anymore. The film is really a global study in how we live. Every culture has it's own way of raising a child. Some children just have more exposure to herds of cattle and roosters than others. If you have a chance to see Babies, I highly recommend it.

15 June 2010

Vacation Countdown

In less than a month, I will be breakfasting here.

Check It: ACME Party Box Company

What's more fun than a party? How about a Party Box? A friend told me about Acme Party Box, and I love the concept:

Acme Party Box provides delightful, eco-responsible, and heirloom-quality party items that are easy to set-up and create the perfect party experience. We source reusable, recyclable, and sustainable products as much as possible. We also work with local artisans and craftspeople who really care about how and what they are producing.

Acme Party box provides decor for kids, adults and custom parties. I'm partial to the kid's Woodland Collection. Who doesn't love an adorable and sustainable hedgehog?

14 June 2010

New Amazon Kindle Commercial

I've shared my love for stop motion and Amazon Kindle commercials before. There's a new one out and I'm just as taken with it. What's a girl got to do to be in one of these?

Extreme Sheep Herding

 You don't have to be a sheep herder to think this is awesome.

Design Inspiration Monday

I sat on the train this morning next to a woman who, in a short amount of time, finished not only the New York Times crossword puzzle but also the Chicago Sun Times crossword puzzle. Needless to say, I am in awe of her and feeling totally inadequate. Let's look at well designed things and not worry about being as smart as other people, okay?

 Icon Letter & Envelope

Business card that fold into a box

Well designed tea

09 June 2010

Swinging Bed!

I wouldn't be a proper Chicagoan if I didn't start things off by saying congrats Blackhawks on winning the Stanley Cup! I'm guessing the office is going to be a ghost town in the morning and even more so on Friday during the parade. I'm willing to bet one or more people would like one of these to recoup with. Behold, the swinging bed! I want. I really do.

Check It: Shake Me Shakers

Alice would approve of these salt & pepper shakers.

Summer Tip: Make A List

I could not be more excited about this summer. I've got a trip to Palm Springs, a trip to Philly, days at the beach, the possibility of sailboats and a city wide scavenger hunt / race in the mix. I LOVE SUMMER!

It's now a tradition that my friends and I have a summer planning dinner. We show up, planners and wish lists in hand, and map out the next few months. It sounds anal retentive, I know. It works though. Everyone gets to do something they want, and you never have a dull weekend. That is, unless you intentionally schedule a dull weekend. If you don't want to get to the end of your summer and think what did I do, make a list and get to it.

This post has been brought to you buy my obsessive compulsive tendencies.


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