17 June 2010

Babies Documentary

I saw a great documentary called Babies. For those of you with deductive powers of reasoning it was, in fact, about babies. It's more interesting than that though, I swear. The film follows the upbringing of four different children from four different countries: The United States, Mongolia, Japan and Namibia. It's fascinating to watch how children from around the world are raised. All the American baby segments were familiar to me, but then I saw the Mongolian baby sitting in a metal tub as a goat wandered by and drank from the tub. Not so familiar anymore. The film is really a global study in how we live. Every culture has it's own way of raising a child. Some children just have more exposure to herds of cattle and roosters than others. If you have a chance to see Babies, I highly recommend it.


Rachel Elizabeth said...

I'm gonna have to check this out seeing as I am expecting baby numero uno. Looks interesting.

Amanda said...

You really should! If anything it will make you appreciate raising a child in the United States as opposed to Namibia. :)


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