25 June 2010

Happy Friday

Happy Friday! I love today. It's Friday, it's sunny and did I mention it's Friday? I've got a baby shower tomorrow, and I'm running another 5K on Sunday! Let's hear it for The Race to the Taste. Now once I arrive at the Taste of Chicago, I don't think I'll be chowing down on any ribs and/or other Chicago delicacies. After all, it won't even be 9 am. I do plan getting some pancakes and coffee. Mmm! Have an awesome weekend, stay cool and have some pancakes!

Letter Stool
DIY woven lamp
5 things to make with crepe paper
Supergroup Tired Pony: Snow Patol + Belle & Sebastien + Zooey Deschanel
Beautiful wedding (I know the bride's cousin)
Individual servings of wine with a peel off top? 
Grace Kelly: Photo Muse
Owl ring
Healthy Food Awards
Sweet PlayStation origami mailer

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