13 July 2010

Cabazon Dinosaurs

One of my faovite movie's as a kid was Pee Wee's Big Adventure. I could never get enough of the scene with the giant dinosaurs in it. Little did I know while planning my Palm Springs vacation I'd get to experience them first hand.

I'm a sucker for tourist traps. The cheesier, the better. If you are too and you happen to be in the Palm Springs area, you should check out the Cabazon Dinosaurs. These babies have the honor of being the World's Biggest Dinosaurs. They also make for some amazing photo ops with your friends. Next to the two big dinos you'll find a Robotic Dinosaur mini park. For a few dollars admission you can get your fill of animatronic beasts and take even more ridiculous photos.You can even crawl into the giant Mr. Rex and take pictures inside his mouth. Let me tell you, when I say this place is cheesy, I mean it. A walk though the mini park and you'll see giant frogs, lions and maybe even a knight. This isn't about history or class. It's about fun.

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