30 July 2010

Friday Link Party

Happy Friday! It was sort of a short week for me, short but packed. I still have stories to share from An Event Apart. I've got some links for you as well and and my costume from Saturday's Great Urban Race. It's safe to say I don't take myself too seriously. Really though, how many opportunities do you really have to run around your city it a tutu?  Have an awesome weekend and for the second week in a row I'll suggest that you wear a tutu at some point. Things are just more fun that way.

Edible Drinking Cups
Design business bottle
Shih tzu dinner plate
Uncapped Pen cup
Do you need a logo chart
Dancing song lyrics
Mixmaster bulldog
As sweater almost as complicated as Inception
Make your own Limoncello
Paste's best of 2010 so far

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