23 July 2010

Friday Night Link Party

This Friday post is coming a little late in the day, but better late than never. Today was a doozy, but I'm gearing up for an amazing weekend. Tomorrow I'm participating in The Great Urban Race. Say what? It's a scavenger hunt/race throughout Chicago. My partner and I get a series of twelve clues to complete. We have to complete different challenges a long the way, and did I mention costumes are mandatory? Tutus were purchased, my friends! TUTUS.

You might not hear from me till Wednesday. I'll be attending An Event Apart Conference in Minneapolis. I'm pumped to be submerged in design and web education for two days. Hopefully I'll come back oozing inspiration and knowledge that I'll of course share with all of you.

Have an awesome weekend, stay cool, wear a tutu and enjoy my weekly recap of Internet findings.

New penny design
Awesome, organic branding
What Lichtenstein saw
Graffiti proposal
Mustache mirror clings
Inspiration pad
Coffee table from computer parts
Ten July albums
Moss staircase

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