31 August 2010

The Power of the List

It happened. Today is the last day of August. Many equate this as being the end of summer. If I have to recap and evaluate my summer I'm giving it an A+. I did everything I wanted to and more. I went out of state, to the desert, on a scavenger hunt, the beach, multiple sports games, and still had plenty of time to just chill. I owe it all to the power of the list. Every year, my friends and I map out the summer and then we just stick to the plan. It's not that difficult, and we never find ourselves sitting around wondering what we should do.

In an effort to spread the list love, I want to share with you Moleskin's new daily planner box set. Every month gets an individual (and nicely colored) planner. All twelve are packed in a gift box that protects, organizes, and preserves. I admit, this is some extreme organization that I'm not fully up to, but you have to admit that it's nice looking. Check out the Moleskin site for lots organizing goodies and get planning!

30 August 2010

Monday Design Inspiration

Design inspiration can come from anywhere. You don't have to go to an art museum or read your entire issue of HOW, cover-to-cover, to get inspired. The Internet is ripe with design fun. Check out Album Tacos. Similar Tumblr blogs are popping up everywhere, but this might be my favorite. The concept is simple. Take recognizable album art and add a taco. Instant inspiration.

27 August 2010

Friday Link Tailgate Party

Happy Friday! I made it though another week. My reward? I'm going to my first Bears game tomorrow. It's only pre-season, but I think that's the perfect test to see if I've got what it takes for a football game. The ladies and I plan on fancy tailgating. There will be wine, cheese, hummus and the like. Why not tailgate in style? We've also got some faint paint planned. I think it's going to be great. I hope you've got something great planned for yourself. See you on Monday, and until then enjoy my weekly internet findgings:

Monster friends
Ridiculously well-designed site
Cube chair
Rain level boots
Hamster erasers
Dripping chocolate plates
Cupcake lover necklace
Quilt Map
Top 50 Music Videos of the '90s
Unabashedly cute

25 August 2010

Food Challenge: Use It ot Move It

I mentioned that I'm moving come October. In an effort to move fewer things I'm trying to use up as many food items in the cabinets and freezer as possible. It's going really well so far, and I hadn't actually realized how much pasta, quinoa and cous cous I'd accumulated. Not to mention, how many things were stuffed into my freezer. Not only do I feel good about not having to move these items, I don't feel wasteful. Even if you aren't moving, it's a good idea just to take stock of what you have before you go shopping. Chances are there's a box of something tucked away that's begging to be eaten. Explore the inner-workings of your kitchen, my friends. You may be surprised.

24 August 2010

23 August 2010

Monday Design Inspiration

We need to catch up. What's new in my neck of the woods, you ask? A lot. My lease is up come October 1st and I've decided to move. I'm equal parts anticipation and anxiety. Regardless, it's Monday and I've neglected my sharing with you guys. How about a little design inspiration to start our week off?

250 Typography shirts!
Interesting article from BBC news "Do Typefaces Really Matter?" You already know what I think.

Random Dawdle Mousepad

Award-Winning Design from Cannes

05 August 2010

My New Favorite Thing

I would like to introduce everyone to a new friend of mind. Ladies & gentlemen, please meet the Crayola Window Crayon. The window crayon is exactly what it sounds like. It's a crayon that lets you draw on windows or any glass surface. They wash off easily with Windex, so create with abandon.

Not since I was in grammar school did a small box from Crayola bring me this much joy. I purchased a pack on a whim last week, and I started small. My bathroom mirror wasn't as cheerful as it could have been. Window Crayons to the rescue. My home office window really needs literary quotes scrolled over it. Window Crayons to the rescue. Those giant windows at work are so boring. I wish we had curtains. Window Crayons = instant curtains. The crayons are going to stay at work with the idea of creating some thing new each week, and really freaking out the people in the offices across the street. I highly recommend these to any parent or adult who just wants to have a little fun. Pick up a pack anywhere Crayola products are sold, and start drawing!

04 August 2010

Check It: Book Clutch

I'm having conniptions. Kate Spade released a line of clutches that look like novels. What? Purse books! The yellow version of The Great Gatsby is calling my name. It's saying, "Amanda, I know I am impractical and cost far too much money, but I'm a purse that looks like one of your favorite novels. Forget groceries and buy me. Forget the fact that I'm a clutch and you can probably only fit your cell phone and lip gloss in me. Buy me and then by my friends."

03 August 2010

Ephemera Collages

Oooo, ephemera. Take a look at artist Jacob Whibley. He uses Paris Metro tickets, envelopes, book covers, receipts and more goodies in his pieces. I've got a fishbowl full of old ticket stubs and whatnot that is not screaming to be collaged. Thanks for the inspiration, Jacob!


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