04 August 2010

Check It: Book Clutch

I'm having conniptions. Kate Spade released a line of clutches that look like novels. What? Purse books! The yellow version of The Great Gatsby is calling my name. It's saying, "Amanda, I know I am impractical and cost far too much money, but I'm a purse that looks like one of your favorite novels. Forget groceries and buy me. Forget the fact that I'm a clutch and you can probably only fit your cell phone and lip gloss in me. Buy me and then by my friends."


Tragic Schmagic said...

Haha. I love this post and how all logic and rational thinking goes out the window for cute things.


Ephemeral Evidence said...

I thought these were really clever too..but I cannot pay over $300 for a purse. You could just carry the book around..ha!


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