25 August 2010

Food Challenge: Use It ot Move It

I mentioned that I'm moving come October. In an effort to move fewer things I'm trying to use up as many food items in the cabinets and freezer as possible. It's going really well so far, and I hadn't actually realized how much pasta, quinoa and cous cous I'd accumulated. Not to mention, how many things were stuffed into my freezer. Not only do I feel good about not having to move these items, I don't feel wasteful. Even if you aren't moving, it's a good idea just to take stock of what you have before you go shopping. Chances are there's a box of something tucked away that's begging to be eaten. Explore the inner-workings of your kitchen, my friends. You may be surprised.

1 comment:

Costanza Fan said...

Totally doing that here too. It's kinda of theraputic not having a lot of food in the fridge and pantry because I dont feel wasteful. Great minds think alike.


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