27 August 2010

Friday Link Tailgate Party

Happy Friday! I made it though another week. My reward? I'm going to my first Bears game tomorrow. It's only pre-season, but I think that's the perfect test to see if I've got what it takes for a football game. The ladies and I plan on fancy tailgating. There will be wine, cheese, hummus and the like. Why not tailgate in style? We've also got some faint paint planned. I think it's going to be great. I hope you've got something great planned for yourself. See you on Monday, and until then enjoy my weekly internet findgings:

Monster friends
Ridiculously well-designed site
Cube chair
Rain level boots
Hamster erasers
Dripping chocolate plates
Cupcake lover necklace
Quilt Map
Top 50 Music Videos of the '90s
Unabashedly cute

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